My Fair Lady


Title: 아가씨를 부탁해
English Title: My Fair Lady / Take Care of My Lady
Episodes: 16
Broadcast Network: KBS2
Broadcast Period: August 19, 2009 – October 8 2009
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday at 21:55


Of the high-rolling top ‘hot celebrities’ of the wealthy upper class in Korea’s high society, Kang Hye Na is the one desired by the men, feared and hated by the women. Being the only successor to the largest conglomerate company, Kang San Group, Kang Hye Na has both the looks and the background. She is the owner of the ‘Lady Castle’ and lives a ‘princess-like’ life with her servants.

Until one day, out of pure coincidence, she comes across Seo Dong Chan who turns her life upside down. Not only does he make her do community service, he even kidnaps her, and become her household manager. Even after stepping on him, crushing him, and biting him, he still doesn’t run away. She may have finally met her match.


Yoon EunHye (윤은혜) as Kang HyeNa (강혜나)
Yoon SangHyun (윤상현) as Seo DongChan (서동찬)
Jung IlWoo (정일우) as Lee TaeYoon (이태윤)
Moon ChaeWon (문채원) as Yeo EeJoo (여의주)
Lee JeongGil (이정길) as Chairman Kang (강회장)
Kim YoungGwang (김영광) as Jeong WooSung (정우성)
Yoon YeHee (윤예희) as Jo MiOk (조미옥)
Kim MyeongGook (김명국) as Director Kang (강이사)
Jang AhYoung (장아영) as Kang SooAh (강수아)
Hwang SeokHyun (왕석현) as Kang SooMin (강수민)
Kim SeungWook (김승욱) as Manager Jang (장집사)
Jo HyunGyu (조현규) as Jang DongGun (장동건)
Shin GiHyeon (신기현) as Lee ByeongHun (이병헌)
Lee GaHyun (이가현) as Lee JinJoo (이진주)
Han TaeYoon (한태윤) as Lee SunJoo (이선주)
Yoon JooYoung (윤주영) as Lee MiJoo (이미주)
Kwon KiSeon (권기선) as Kim SeungJa (김승자)
Kim Ik (김익) as Park SooHo (박수호)
Han JiHoo (한지후) as F4 Member (F4의 멤버)
Kwon SeIn (권세인) as Jeong Sik (정식)
Jang MoonSuk (장문석)
Heo TaeHee (허태희)
Song JoongKi (송중기) as Flower Boy Steward (꽃미남 집사)
Chae ByeongChan (채병찬)


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