[VIDEO] Jaesu at “Asian Dream Cup 2011 in Vietnam” Press Conference

Junsu: Yes. As it just was said—I am the captain for the Entertainers Soccer Team FC MEN. If I were to talk about the players that I like, I am an enthusiastic fan of Player Park Jisung. I really—don’t know of should say this, but – as long as the next day’s schedule is not super early, I stay up to watch the games by Manchester United (soccer team for which Park Jisung plays) without fail. If Player Park Jisung does not appear I don’t watch them. Most of all… therefore I am so honored that I am able to be with him for this event.

Jaejoong: I haven’t prepared a special cheer (for this event)… ah… I think that probably we will merely enthusiastically shout the names of the players and scream loudly. Also, Kim Junsu is the captain of FC MEN… and I am a member of the Captain-nim’s team as others can attest, even though… I am not playing for this game. But just as I’ve always cheered for them in the background, I will make sure to do my best in cheering for this event as well.

source: SSTV
translation: JYJ3
soeullee.com - siabyul



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