[ANNOUNCEMENT] Soeullee’s New Look

We’re getting ready for our ‘real’ opening in July so we’ve been looking for a good web design. When we first started, we preferred wider templates so we could post images in larger sizes, but we’ve decided that larger isn’t always the best. We thought this design looked friendlier and easier to use so we’ve changed it to this new design. I personally love this web design. I like simple and white based themes because it looks clean (unless it’s for a video site, then black would look better to make a movie theater setting). I hope you’ll like it too. :)


2 Comments on “[ANNOUNCEMENT] Soeullee’s New Look”

  1. younayoung says:

    Ahahah who drew the mountains?
    It reminds me of those Korean historical dramas for some reason.
    and that’s a pretty logo! I like it :)

  2. oorisu says:

    Whoaa, I love it! I have a big computer screen too so it looks fabulous!<333
    I'm looking forward to this. FIGHTINGGGG!

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