[PHOTO] Junsu & Hyunjoong


source: copyfatcat
soeullee.com – siabyul


4 Comments on “[PHOTO] Junsu & Hyunjoong”

  1. younayoung says:

    HAHAHAH BROMANCE?? you so funnayy
    wooooot! I love bromance. Love these pics

  2. younayoung says:

    I like how you made BROMANCE so colorful. MAD ARTISTIC! Oh my god, no really. The more I look at it, the color just captivates me.
    Junsu’s so adorkable kekekekeke

  3. oorisu says:

    LOL so bromantic!
    the captions are so cute

  4. J says:

    This is my first post here
    Cute site :)

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