[INFO] JYJ 3hree Voices II Lucky Lottery Event


We thank you all JYJ fans around the world for your love and support.

The lucky lottery was conducted on June 30th.
We randomly selected winners from all the purchasers of JYJ 3hreevoices II DVD.
We will be notifying winners individually.

Prizes are

ONE Yukata(Japanese traditional bathrobe) that Junsu wore  

TWO Autographed Polaroid Cameras(Jejung, Yuchun each)  

FIVE Polaroid pictures of JYJ  

Thanks to all the support of JYJ fans, 3hreevoices iPhone Application and Photo Story(photo book) will be available soon.
Please check our website regularly for updates!

Thank you. 


This is what was said on the “News Board” of 3hreevoices. OMG I want everything! Especially Junsu’s bathrobe. LOL and here’s some pictures of the prizes thanks to Hayato.

I love this last polaroid shot! Junsu looking at what Yoochun’s doing…Yoosu moment! :D

source [1] [2]
soeullee.com  siabyul


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