[ANNOUNCEMENT] Hello August!

It’s a new month — a new beginning for us. We officially opened last year December 15th but we have been lagging behind in updates. We apologize and thank you so much readers. Honestly, it was a hard process to keep things together. It’s our first time opening a website, especially one that has to be updated frequently, so it took a lot of time for us to adjust and keep to it.

One day, I would be happy to be working on Soeullee and many days I’ll be tired from work and daily life. There are those days I don’t want to go online at all. Now that it is August, we are really going to start working harder on Soeullee and keeping it together. Actually, I’ve been thinking of even closing up Soeullee but I’ve received some encouraging messages. I didn’t expect messages at all so I was shocked to find some messages in my inbox when I checked. I loved all your messages. They were such nice letters and it encouraged me to continue on Soeullee. Thank you so much! Also, little comments are really encouraging. Just one little comment makes me smile so please leave one and be open. Just say whatever you want to say. ^^

Our goal was to reach 8 thousand in stats by August, so I’m happy we’ve met that goal. We’re never going to close down Soeullee anymore so don’t worry. We’ll be here as long as forever.

Thank you so much for your support everyone! :)


– soeullee staff


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