Our Lovely Staffies

Dear ________,

As on the about page, I’ve created Soeullee on December 15, 2010. At first, I wanted to create a website with all different kinds of music, dramas, everything, but I’ve realized that it’s hard to manage that kind of website because you’re not really into ALL the music and dramas there are. I’ve been through those struggles for 3 years since 2008, until I finally gave up on that idea and decided on to move on to something more specific. It’s love that drives you to do something and continue to work hard on it. If you don’t love something that much, it’s hard to be consistent. I’m happy I’ve finally found what I can do forever and be consistent in updating. I enjoy updating on JYJ news because I love them so much. I’ve loved them for so many years already and they now they take up such a big part of my heart. Not to mention that Junsu is part of my everyday life now. So, it’s pretty easy to for me to manage Soeullee and constantly update although it is hard to keep things organized. It took a long time for me to figure out an organized system I can use. I went through days and months of thinking, planning, and headaches. It’s complicated for me to think of such things, but I like keeping things perfectly organized. Maybe to you it seems like there’s not much to think of, but for me at least I was like, “Hmmm, how should I do this?” for many months. That’s why although I’ve opened up Soeullee on December 15, 2010, I had nothing much going on until May 22nd of 2011. That’s when I went to JYJ’s world tour concert in New Jersey where I met these three lovely people, Nayoung, Alice, and Vivi. Our common-ness is that we all love JYJ but our bias is all Junsu too. Ahaha. Okay, so I have to go back on topic before I go off topic. That concert was so [I cannot describe it in words] that I just, it just urged me to get this going. I still wasn’t completely decided on how I should organize this website, but I just had to start getting somewhere with this. I want to make Soeullee so that everyone can be comfortable being here like home. JYJ fans unite!! We’ll be holding many fan projects in the years to come and lots of contests everyone can take part in. Below is the list of our current staff members but you can always join us too! My own username is *chunsa so you can call me that. :)

written: June 11, 2011


Name: soeullee / oorisu
Since: December 15, 2010
Position: Adminstrator, Site Manager, All Data Updater

Name: younayoung
Since: January 1, 2011
Position: Projects&Contests Manager, Korean Translator

Name: siabyul
Since: May 22, 2011
Position: All Data Updater, Graphics, Arts, Korean Translator

We are currently looking for Japanese and Korean translators who would like to help update on news and graphic and arts designers.
Also, we are looking for someone who is interested in managing the Yoochun or Jaejoong data specifically.
If you are interested, please contact us. Thank you.


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