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[NEWS] JYJ’s Kim Junsu “I am a big fan of Park JiSung.”

On the 13th of June at 5 in the afternoon, the Asian Dream Cup 2011 press conference opened. Jaejoong and Junsu of JYJ and actress Han HyeJin was in attendence along with Park JiSung at this conference.

Junsu stated, “I am honored to be able to participate in a soccer match as a friend with a world famous soccer player Park JiSung. It will be an event watched by the world so I am very happy to be going myself.”  He also said, “I am a very big fan of Park JiSung. If I don’t have a busy schedule for the next day, I stay up all  night to watch the game. If Park JiSung is not in it I would not watch it. That is how much I’m a fan of him. I’m so honored to meet him like this.”

source: ajnews
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Junsu: Yes. As it just was said—I am the captain for the Entertainers Soccer Team FC MEN. If I were to talk about the players that I like, I am an enthusiastic fan of Player Park Jisung. I really—don’t know of should say this, but – as long as the next day’s schedule is not super early, I stay up to watch the games by Manchester United (soccer team for which Park Jisung plays) without fail. If Player Park Jisung does not appear I don’t watch them. Most of all… therefore I am so honored that I am able to be with him for this event.

Jaejoong: I haven’t prepared a special cheer (for this event)… ah… I think that probably we will merely enthusiastically shout the names of the players and scream loudly. Also, Kim Junsu is the captain of FC MEN… and I am a member of the Captain-nim’s team as others can attest, even though… I am not playing for this game. But just as I’ve always cheered for them in the background, I will make sure to do my best in cheering for this event as well.

source: SSTV
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