[NEWS] JYJ Kim JaeJoong, pose that makes you want to go find a job & in his suit…all hands down

Kim Jaejoong has taken the role of a business strategist and a director of a group’s headquarters as Cha Muwon in ‘Protect the Boss.’ He fits well with his suit fashion and neatly tied necktie for his role. Already, Director Cha Muwon has earned the nickname ‘Director Cha’ and is proving his popularity.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong has a black-colored hairstyle that covers his eyebrows and is wearing a neat black suit showing off his charisma. His big round eyes and his serious expression stands out.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “I was laughing unconsciously.” “Can I work under this kind of director?” “I want to go have an interview.” “Handsome! Director Cha!”

Meanwhile, ‘Protect the Boss’ will have its first broadcast tomorrow, August 3rd.

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soeullee.com translated by siabyul


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[NEWS] Yoochun’s Fresh Hair Cut for Miss Ripley Episode 11

‘미스 리플리’ 박유천이 머리카락을 싹둑 자른 채 카리스마 넘치는 ‘숏컷’으로 변신했다. 박유천은 MBC 월화극 ‘미스 리플리’에서 세계적인 리조트 그룹의 후계자 송유현 역을 맡아 다정다감한 목소리와 해맑은 미소로 여심(女心)을 뒤 흔들어놓고 있는 상황. 특히 박유천은 일명 ‘댄디컷’ 헤어스타일로 따뜻하고 친절한 송유현 이미지를 100% 빙의된 듯 표현해냈다. 4일 방송될 11회 분에서 박유천은 짧은 숏컷으로 변신한 채 등장, 지금까지 선보였던 ‘부드러운 카리스마’와는 다른 진한 ‘남성미’를 물씬 풍겨낼 예정이다.

English Translation: Actor Park Yoochun of Miss Ripley sheds his bowl cut hair to a charismatic short cut. In MBC’s Monday-Tuesday drama Miss Ripley, Park Yoochun plays the role of a successor of a worldwide resort group as Song Yoohyun. With his sweet voice and bright smile, Song Yoohyun has been melting the hearts of the ladies. Actor Park Yoochun has been rocking the ‘Dandy Cut’ hair style for the first 10 episodes but from episode 11 which will air on the 4th, his new look would be unveiled. His new cut will bring out a more masculine and mature look.

숏컷으로 헤어스타일을 바꾼 박유천은 눈빛에서 마저 강한 카리스마를 발산해내며 지금까지 볼 수 없었던 거친 남성미를 한껏 드러냈다. 박유천이 헤어스타일 변신을 감행한 이유는 새로운 이미지를 표현하기 위해 제작진과 상의 끝에 진행된 일이다. 숏컷으로 헤어스타일 변화를 주고난 후 박유천 스스로도 만족감을 표했다는 귀띔이다. 지난 27일 정릉에서 있었던 촬영에서 박유천이 짧은 헤어스타일을 하고 등장하자 촬영장분위기가 후끈 달아올랐다. 지금까지 천사처럼 다정하고 부드러운 이미지만 보여줬던 박유천에게서 “송유현이 아니라 믹키유천이 돌아온 듯하다”는 촬영스태프의 찬사가 쏟아져 나왔던 것. “잘 어울린다”부터 “색다르다”까지 다양한 촬영스태프들의 이야기에 촬영장이 한때 소란스러웠다는 촬영관계자의 귀띔이다. 무엇보다 박유천이 갑작스럽게 헤어스타일에 변화를 주면서 극중 내용에 또 다른 반전 스토리가 펼쳐지는 것이 아닌지 관심이 집중된다.

English Translation: Park Yoochun with his transformed hairstyle will bring out a more strong and charismatic side which was not seen before. The reason actor Park Yoochun has changed his hairstyle was to better show a new image which the director of the drama has decided on. Although the hair cut was for the drama, Yoochun has expressed that he is satisfied with his new hair style. When Park Yoochun had arrived to the filming scene with his new hair cut, the atmosphere became heated up. Until now, he has only shown his warm-hearted and soft image like an angel, but when he came in with his new cut a staff said, “This isn’t Song Yoohyun but Micky Yoochun who has come back.” Other staff told him, “It looks nice.” “Very different.” and many other unique comments. Yoochun’s hair cut is also arousing interest among netizens. They’re wondering if there will be a twist to the plot because of his sudden hair cut.

극중 송유현은 장미리(이다해)와의 사랑을 당당하게 공개하고 나선 후 장미리와의 무한질주 사랑을 펼치고 있다. 제작사 측은 “박유천은 헤어스타일 하나를 바꿨을 뿐인데도 너무나 달라져 보이는 전체적인 이미지에 모두 놀랐다”며 “짧은 헤어스타일 변신으로 인해 송유현의 달라진 이미지만큼 ‘미스 리플리’ 내용적인 면에서도 큰 변화가 있게 된다. 11, 12회를 기다려달라”고 전했다.

English Translation: Song Yoohyun has recently confessed his love for Jang Miri (Lee Dahae) and their love story is unfolding. The director said, “Park Yoochun has only changed his hair style but it brought out such a different image which surprised everyone.” and “There will be a big change in Miss Ripley as much as Yoochun’s hairstyle change so look forward to episode 11 and 12 this week!”


OMG, this took me like an hour to translate. I was born in America so I’m not THAT good at Korean and so it took a long time. I worked hard on it though. This is the first time I’m translating something so I hope it turned out okay. (; & I love Chunnie’s new hair style. So Freshhhh!

source: NewDaily
soeullee.com – siabyul

[CAPTURE] Yoochun Cuts on Miss Ripley – Episode 3 Preview

[NEWS] Nature Republic Ad on Miss Ripley

JYJ has been endorsing comestic brand Nature Republic for quite some time now. On episode 2 of Miss Ripley, a Nature Republic advertisement is seen. Nature Republic is one of the sponsors for Yoochun’s drama Miss Ripley.