[NEWS] JYJ Kim JaeJoong, pose that makes you want to go find a job & in his suit…all hands down

Kim Jaejoong has taken the role of a business strategist and a director of a group’s headquarters as Cha Muwon in ‘Protect the Boss.’ He fits well with his suit fashion and neatly tied necktie for his role. Already, Director Cha Muwon has earned the nickname ‘Director Cha’ and is proving his popularity.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong has a black-colored hairstyle that covers his eyebrows and is wearing a neat black suit showing off his charisma. His big round eyes and his serious expression stands out.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “I was laughing unconsciously.” “Can I work under this kind of director?” “I want to go have an interview.” “Handsome! Director Cha!”

Meanwhile, ‘Protect the Boss’ will have its first broadcast tomorrow, August 3rd.

source [1]
soeullee.com translated by siabyul


[VIDEO] Protect the Boss New Teaser

[VIDEO] JYJ – So I’m Loving You ‘Making Film’

[PHOTO] JYJ Lotte Duty Free August 2011 Wallpaper

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[PHOTO] Jaejoong Protect the Boss Gallery (HQ)

[NEWS] Jaejoong and Junsu soon to become neighbors

[단독] JYJ 재중·준수, 30억 주상복합 입주…이웃사촌 됐네

JYJ의 김재중·김준수가 럭셔리 주상복합의 이웃사촌이 됐다.

김준수가 지난 달 서울 삼성동의 ‘B’ 주상복합에 입주한 데 이어 김재중도 같은 주상복합의 펜트하우스로 내달 입주할 예정이다. 입주를 앞두고 인테리어 공사 중이다. 이 주상복합에는 이미 이효리·이승기·김용만 등이 거주하고 있어 ‘스타타운’을 이루게 됐다.

김재중이 입주할 펜트하우스는 297.5㎡(90평)에 테라스가 딸렸다. 매매가가 30억원대에 이르는 최고급 럭셔리 주거지다. 한 관계자는 “JYJ 활동으로 번 수입으로 집을 장만했다. 김준수가 먼저 이 곳에 입주해 재중이도 관심을 갖게 된 것 같다. 원래 거의 매일같이 붙어지내는 사이인데 입주 후에는 더 꼭 붙어다닐 것 같다”면서 “재중이가 자기 이름으로 첫 집을 장만하게 돼 인테리어에도 신경을 쏟고 있다”고 전했다. 또다른 멤버 박유천은 서울 한남동의 고급빌라에 살고 있다.


[Exclusive] JYJ Jaejoong and Junsu move into a 30 billion KRW worth Residential Complex…they have become neighbors

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu have become neighbors of a luxury residential complex.

Last month, singer Kim Junsu has moved into section ‘B’ of the residential complex in Seoul Samsungdong. Next month, Kim Jaejoong is also planning on moving into a penthouse in the same residential complex. Currently, the interior is being remodeled. Other popular Korean celebrities Lee Hyori, Lee Seunggi, and Kim Yongman also reside in this area and thus the area has been nicknamed ‘Star Town’.

The size of the penthouse that Kim Jaejoong will be moving into is 297.5㎡ and there is also a terrace. The current sales value of this high-end luxury residence is 30 billion won (approximately 3 million dollars). The person in contact with this matter said, “Jaejoong has purchased this house with the proceeds of JYJ activities. Kim Junsu moved into this area first which probably made Jaejoong interested also. Jaejoong and Junsu already spend a lot of time together but it looks like they’ll be “completely stuck together” (a Korean expression) after Jaejoong moves in. This is Jaejoong’s first time buying a house under his name so he is putting a lot of attention to the interior of his new house.” Park Yoochun of JYJ is also living in a luxurious villa in Seoul Hannamdong.

source  [1]
soeullee.com translated by younayoung

[INFO] JYJ 3hree Voices II Lucky Lottery Event


We thank you all JYJ fans around the world for your love and support.

The lucky lottery was conducted on June 30th.
We randomly selected winners from all the purchasers of JYJ 3hreevoices II DVD.
We will be notifying winners individually.

Prizes are

ONE Yukata(Japanese traditional bathrobe) that Junsu wore  

TWO Autographed Polaroid Cameras(Jejung, Yuchun each)  

FIVE Polaroid pictures of JYJ  

Thanks to all the support of JYJ fans, 3hreevoices iPhone Application and Photo Story(photo book) will be available soon.
Please check our website regularly for updates!

Thank you. 


This is what was said on the “News Board” of 3hreevoices. OMG I want everything! Especially Junsu’s bathrobe. LOL and here’s some pictures of the prizes thanks to Hayato.

I love this last polaroid shot! Junsu looking at what Yoochun’s doing…Yoosu moment! :D

source [1] [2]
soeullee.com  siabyul