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[NEWS] JYJ Kim JaeJoong, pose that makes you want to go find a job & in his suit…all hands down

Kim Jaejoong has taken the role of a business strategist and a director of a group’s headquarters as Cha Muwon in ‘Protect the Boss.’ He fits well with his suit fashion and neatly tied necktie for his role. Already, Director Cha Muwon has earned the nickname ‘Director Cha’ and is proving his popularity.

In the photo, Kim Jaejoong has a black-colored hairstyle that covers his eyebrows and is wearing a neat black suit showing off his charisma. His big round eyes and his serious expression stands out.

Netizens who saw the photo left comments such as, “I was laughing unconsciously.” “Can I work under this kind of director?” “I want to go have an interview.” “Handsome! Director Cha!”

Meanwhile, ‘Protect the Boss’ will have its first broadcast tomorrow, August 3rd.

source [1]
soeullee.com translated by siabyul

[VIDEO] Protect the Boss New Teaser

[NEWS] Junsu’s “Scent of a Woman” special appearance is like a real performance

JYJ’s Kim Junsu who is making a special cameo appearance in ‘Scent of a Woman’ is in a scene where he performs on stage. However, the atmosphere was like a real concert although it was just for act.

Kim Junsu will be on episode 5 of the weekend drama ‘Scent of a Woman’ which will air on August 6th. He plays the role of Asia’s most popular and best singer that Kim Sunah admires. It is a role that does not differ from Kim Junsu in reality so that may be the reason why they chose him to play this role.

The concert scene was filmed in Uijeongbu University amidst a crowd of 500 female fans in Kyeonggido on the past 28th. This scene was directed because in ‘Scent of a Woman,’ Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijoon had come to watch a concert together.

The producer had left a message several days before that scene was to be filmed through a fancafe to gather fans. It started from 9am that day but within just 3 minutes, over 5000 female fans had applied which left the producer shocked.

The fans gave a lot of support to the filming that day and pulled off a perfect concert scene. Kim Junsu sang ‘I Can Soar’ from JYJ’s worldwide album ‘The Beginning’ and ‘Intoxication’ from his Japanese solo album. Not only the fans enjoyed the concert, but actors Kim Sunah, Lee Dongwook, and Um Kijoon also had a good time as well.

Although the weather was bad that day and the filming was delayed for many hours because of it, the fans stayed lively and pulled off the scene perfectly.

Kim Junsu’s special appearance started with his participation in singing an OST for ‘Scent of a Woman.’ Kim Junsu’s, ‘You are so Beautiful’ is the theme song of the drama. It has been used since episode 3 of the drama and had become a hot issue.

The producer expressed, “This is Junsu’s first time acting but he was the perfect person to act out this scene. His fantastic stage manners and passion shows that he is really Asia’s best singer. The staff and the actors all enjoyed watching the concert.”

source [1] [2]
soeullee.com translated by siabyul

[ANNOUNCEMENT] Hello August!

It’s a new month — a new beginning for us. We officially opened last year December 15th but we have been lagging behind in updates. We apologize and thank you so much readers. Honestly, it was a hard process to keep things together. It’s our first time opening a website, especially one that has to be updated frequently, so it took a lot of time for us to adjust and keep to it.

One day, I would be happy to be working on Soeullee and many days I’ll be tired from work and daily life. There are those days I don’t want to go online at all. Now that it is August, we are really going to start working harder on Soeullee and keeping it together. Actually, I’ve been thinking of even closing up Soeullee but I’ve received some encouraging messages. I didn’t expect messages at all so I was shocked to find some messages in my inbox when I checked. I loved all your messages. They were such nice letters and it encouraged me to continue on Soeullee. Thank you so much! Also, little comments are really encouraging. Just one little comment makes me smile so please leave one and be open. Just say whatever you want to say. ^^

Our goal was to reach 8 thousand in stats by August, so I’m happy we’ve met that goal. We’re never going to close down Soeullee anymore so don’t worry. We’ll be here as long as forever.

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[VIDEO] JYJ – So I’m Loving You ‘Making Film’